We created a new app essential for Muslims

We are proud to announce that our newest app is now available! Introducing Way To Mecca: Salat & Qibla, an app for Muslims that allows you to find the right direction to pray and also reminds you of upcoming prayer times!

At the same time, we are still developing the app and you can expect new features to be added soon.

Our application is available in Google Play store.

Below is some information about the application.

Find your way to Mecca with the app Way to Mecca: Salat & Qibla created specifically for Muslims and their prayers. Receive the call to the upcoming prayer (Athan). Find out when the exact time of salat prayer is. Determine the exact direction of prayer to Mecca (Qibla).

During Ramadan, you will find it easier to know when the time of prayer falls. Use the Muslim calendar and track the progress of your prayers. The Way to Mecca app: Salat & Qibla allows you to set reminders for upcoming prayers, which is useful for every Muslim.

Main features of Way to Mecca: Salat & Qibla

– Based on your location and time of day, check when it is time for Salat
– Mark the prayers that have already been recited
– Use the Muslim calendar
– Enable or disable notifications of upcoming prayer times
– Find your direction to Mecca

Way to Mecca: Salat & Qibla

– easy to use and functional application for Muslims
– lightweight, does not weigh down the phone
– several language versions
– beautiful, modern design
– constantly updated with new functions

Troubleshooting the Way to Mecca: Salat & Qibla:

Incorrect prayer times

If the app is giving incorrect prayer times, it is possible that it is due to settings on your phone. Turn on your device’s automatic geolocation settings.

Compass points in the wrong direction

Use the compass calibration option and try again.


To work properly the application requires access to location (GPS).